Truck Access Platforms

No more climbing up the sides or jumping down from the tray (as both have a great potential for injuries to occur).


Truck Access Platforms are a Safe means to Access Truck Trays for Loading and Unloading purposes.


Ladder Shop sells Fully Welded Truck Access Platforms to suit your requirements.


We also sell the Stockmaster Step-Thru Platform range which are a Riveted & Bolted Solution as well as the Ladderweld Access Platform range which are a Welded & Bolted Solution which can be configured as a Walk-Thru.


      Little Jumbo Ladders Fully Welded Truck Access Platforms                      Stockmaster Step-Thru Platforms                      Ladderweld AP 170Kg Aluminium Access Platforms

  Little Jumbo Fully Welded                       Stockmaster                                    Ladderweld

     Truck Access Platform                     Step-Thru Platform                           Access Platform