Single / Straight Ladders

A Single or Straight Ladder is a non-self-supporting portable ladder that consists of two stiles and several rungs.


Single or Straight Ladders can be manufactured using different materials (including Aluminium and Fibreglass), the rungs can be riveted, swaged or glued and they come in a range of sizes from 8' (2.4m) to 20' (6.1m).


If you are looking for a Roof / Ridge Ladder, then just add some Universal Roof Hooks to one of these Ladders.


Some Models have Round Rungs while others have Flat "D" Shaped Rungs.


The Ladder Shop sells several Brands and Models with various Load Ratings and Features.


 Bailey BMKS 150Kg Aluminium Single / Straight Ladders  C Kennett CS 150Kg Aluminium Single / Straight Ladders    Indalex PROSG 180Kg Aluminium Single / Straight Ladders     Bailey FSS 125Kg Fibreglass Single / Straight Ladders    Branach FNR 140Kg Fibreglass Single / Straight Ladders    Branach FND 150Kg Fibreglass Single / Straight Ladders       Indalex PROSGF 180Kg Fibreglass Single / Straight Ladders

  Bailey BMKS      C Kennett CS    Indalex PROSG   Bailey FSS       Branach FNR    Branach FND  Indalex PROSGF

    "D" Rungs         Round Rungs        "D" Rungs          "D" Rungs        Round Rungs      "D" Rungs          "D" Rungs

  150Kg Alum.     150Kg Alum.      180Kg Alum.      125Kg F/G       140Kg F/G       150Kg F/G        180Kg F/G


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