Order Pickers / Access Platforms


Order Pickers are an elevated Mobile Platform used for Picking Stock from shelves or racking in Warehouses,
Storage Areas or Factories. Access Platforms can also have a Walk-Thru Option to Step-Off onto Machinery or Mezzanine Floors. Order Pickers / Access Platforms are not collapsable and do not fold up like an A-Frame Ladder.


For Folding Platforms, check out the range of Platform Steps.


Most Order Pickers/Access Platforms are manufactured from Aluminium and come in a range of sizes from 3-Step
(0.828m) to 14-Step (3.866m), but we also sell Steel Platforms ranging from 2-Step (0.47m) to 12-Step (2.80m).


There are different Mobility Methods and some have an Optional Rear Safety Gate (Walk-Thru) or a Shelf.


The Ladder Shop sells several Brands and Models with various Load Ratings, Features and Options.


  Little Jumbo Fully Welded Ladder Platforms           Ladderweld OP 130Kg Welded Order Pickers           Ladderweld AP 170Kg Aluminium Access Platforms           Safe 'N' Sturdy 150Kg Steel Platforms

   Little Jumbo LMP              Ladderweld OP                  Ladderweld AP             Safe 'N' Sturdy Steel Platforms

   120Kg Aluminium               130Kg Aluminium                170Kg Aluminium                           150Kg Steel


  Stockmaster 150Kg Tracker             Stockmaster 150Kg Navigator             Stockmaster 150Kg Step-Thru              Stockmaster 150Kg Lift-Truk

 Stockmaster Tracker          Stockmaster Navigator        Stockmaster Step-Thru          Stockmaster Lift-Truk

     150Kg Aluminium                   150Kg Aluminium                   150Kg Aluminium                     150Kg Aluminium



LMP PhotoLMP DrawingPlatform StepsPlatform Steps   If you only need a smaller, folding platform, check out the
   range of Platform Steps.



   If you need a fully welded platform for work on construction
   sites, maintenance work or for access to mezzanines, check
   out the available range or customised Ladder Platforms.