Orchard Ladders & Picking Stools

Orchard Ladders are manufactured from Aluminium in a Tripod Design (Single Rear Leg) to enable the user to get right in amongst the tree, shrub or hedge and come with feet spikes to penetrate into the ground giving the ladder greater stability. They come with either a Pointed Top or Flat Top and range from 5-Step (1.36m) to 14-Step (3.81m).


Picking Stools are a 2-Step or 3-Step Platform with a Rear Steady Rail that come with Foot Spikes or Rubber Feet.


The Ladder Shop sells the Allweld Range of Orchard Ladders and Picking Stools which have a 150Kg Load Rating.


   Allweld 150Kg Aluminium Pointed Top Orchard Ladders          Allweld 150Kg Aluminium Flat Top Orchard Ladders          Allweld 150Kg Aluminium Picking Stools

       Pointed Top                          Flat Top                                Picking Stool

    150Kg Aluminium               150Kg Aluminium                       150Kg Aluminium