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Ladderweld OP MKII Order Picker

Aluminium Welded Order Picker

(With Spring Loaded Castors)

Bailey Tradesperson Industrial 130Kg Load Rating

Ladderweld OP4 130Kg Aluminium Welded Order Picker Ladderweld OP Order Picker Welds Ladderweld OP Order Picker Spring Loaded Castors

Ladderweld OP MKII Order Picker: Sizes & Codes
Steps P/F Height Weight Prod # LS Code
3 0.83m 17.5 Kg FS10863 NOP3
4 1.11m 19.5 Kg FS10864 NOP4
5 1.39m 22.5 Kg FS10865 NOP5
6 1.67m 23.5 Kg FS10866 NOP6
7 1.95m 28.5 Kg FS10867 NOP7
8 2.22m 30.5 Kg FS10868 NOP8

Note: "Steps" includes the Platform



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Ladderweld OP MKII Order Picker: Options
Option Sizes Prod # LS Code
Safety Gate (Manual Close) ALL FS22995 NOPSG

Ladderweld OP Optional Safety Gate (Closed)


For Pricing and Availability please call and quote the LS Code.