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Aluminium Platform Step

150Kg Load Rating

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LADaMAX PS with Signs

LADaMAX PS: Sizes & Codes
Steps Platform Height Weight Foot Print (Approx.) Prod # LS Code
2 0.61m 9.0 Kg 830mm x 580mm PS5-2 NPSHX02
3 0.88m 10.0 Kg 1010mm x 620mm PS6-3 NPSHX03
4 1.17m 11.0 Kg 1180mm x 660mm PS7-4 NPSHX04
5 1.45m 12.0 Kg 1300mm x 700mm PS8-5 NPSHX05
6 1.74m 13.0 Kg 1530mm x 740mm PS9-6 NPSHX06
7 2.02m 14.0 Kg 1700mm x 780mm PS10-7 NPSHX07
8 2.30m 15.0 Kg 1880mm x 820mm PS11-8 NPSHX08
* 10 2.89m 24.0 Kg 2400mm x 900mm * PS13-10 * NPSHX10
* 12 3.45m 26.0 Kg 2630mm x 1050mm * PS15-12 * NPSHX12

Note: "Steps" includes the Platform

* Optional Castor Kit CANNOT be fitted to Models PS13-10 & PS15-12



For Pricing and Availability please call and quote the LS Code.