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Indalex PROSG

Aluminium Single / Straight Ladder

(with 42cm Wide “D” Rungs)

Pro-Series 180Kg Load Rating

Indalex PROSG10 180Kg Aluminium Single / Straight Ladder

(Photo above shows Optional "Swivel Feet")

Indalex PROSG: Sizes & Codes
Feet Metres Weight Prod # LS Code
8' 2.4m 4.9 Kg PROSG8 NBSHW08
10' 3.0m 6.0 Kg PROSG10 NBSHW10
12' 3.7m 8.7 Kg PROSG12 NBSHW12
14' 4.3m 10.0 Kg PROSG14 NBSHW14
16' 4.9m 11.0 Kg PROSG16 NBSHW16
18' 5.5m 13.0 Kg PROSG18 NBSHW18
20' 6.1m 14.0 Kg PROSG20 NBSHW20



For Pricing and Availability please call and quote the LS Code.