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Indalex PROPF

Fibreglass Platform Step

Pro-Series 150Kg Load Rating

Indalex PROPF7/4 150Kg Fibreglass Platform Step in closed position Indalex PROPF7/4 150Kg Fibreglass Platform Step

 Closed / Open PROPF7/4

Indalex PROPF: Sizes & Codes
Steps Platform Height Weight Foot Print (Approx.) Prod # LS Code
2 0.588m 13.0 Kg 891mm x 516mm PROPF5/2 NPSHWF02
3 0.886m 14.0 Kg 1069mm x 560mm PROPF6/3 NPSHWF03
4 1.172m 16.0 Kg 1248mm x 605mm PROPF7/4 NPSHWF04
5 1.464m 17.0 Kg 1426mm x 649mm PROPF8/5 NPSHWF05
6 1.754m 20.0 Kg 1604mm x 693mm PROPF9/6 NPSHWF06
7 2.050m 24.0 Kg 1782mm x 738mm PROPF10/7 NPSHWF07
8 2.330m 26.0 Kg 1961mm x 783mm PROPF11/8 NPSHWF08
9 2.620m 28.0 Kg 2139mm x 827mm PROPF12/9 NPSHWF09
10 2.923m 30.0 Kg 2317mm x 872mm PROPF13/10 NPSHWF10
12 3.506m 36.0 Kg 2673mm x 961mm PROPF15/12 NPSHWF12

Note: "Steps" includes the Platform


Indalex PROP: Options
Option Prod # LS Code
Spring Loaded Castors PROPWK NPSCW
Tool Tray (Plastic) PROPTT NPSTT
Top Shelf (Heavy Duty) PROPHDTS NPSTS

Indalex Castors Fitted        Safety Gate       Side Handrails       Plastic Tool Tray        Heavy Duty Top Shelf

  Spring Loaded Castors            Safety Gate         Side H/R's             Plastic Tool Tray          Heavy Duty Top Shelf


For Pricing and Availability please call and quote the LS Code.