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Indalex PRODP

Aluminium Dual Purpose Ladder

(Blue Copolymer Top Cap with Paint Can Hook)

Pro-Series 150Kg Load Rating

Indalex PRODP8 150Kg Aluminium Dual Purpose Ladder as a Straight Ladder & as a Step Ladder

Indalex PRODP: Sizes & Codes
Feet Metres Weight Prod # LS Code
6' - 10' 1.8m - 3.2m 8.8 Kg PRODP6 NDPHW06
7' - 12' 2.1m - 3.8m 10.0 Kg PRODP7 NDPHW07
8' - 14' 2.4m - 4.4m 12.0 Kg PRODP8 NDPHW08



For Pricing and Availability please call and quote the LS Code.