Extension Ladders

An Extension Ladder is a non-self-supporting portable ladder that consists of two sections each made of two stiles and several rungs that can be raised or lowered by way of ropes and pulleys with a clutch or just with hooks.


Extension Ladders can be manufactured using different materials (including Aluminium, Fibreglass and Timber), the rungs can be riveted, swaged or glued and they range in size from 7'/11' (2.1m/3.3m) to 24'/44' (7.2m-13.2m).


Some Models have Round Rungs while others have Flat "D" Shaped Rungs and there is also a range of Options and Accessories available for most models including Levellers, Pole Straps, Cable Hooks and more.


The Ladder Shop sells several Brands and Models with various Load Ratings and Features.


   Bailey Industrial 135Kg Aluminium Triple Extension Ladder          Bailey Pro 130Kg Aluminium Extension Ladders with Leveller           Indalex TRDX *135Kg Aluminium Extension Ladders         Bailey PRO 150Kg Aluminium Extension Ladders           Werner D500-2AZ Series 150Kg Aluminium Extension Ladders            Indalex PROX *180Kg Aluminium Extension Ladders with Level Arc

     Bailey Triple Extension       Bailey PRO Lev     Indalex TRDX     Bailey PRO         Werner D500       PROX-LA

               135Kg Alum.                  130Kg Alum.         *135Kg Alum.     150Kg Alum.          150Kg Alum.       *180Kg Al.


    Bailey FSXN-V *130Kg Fibreglass Extension Ladders with "V" Rung          Indalex TRDXF *135Kg Fibreglass Extension Ladders          Branach FER TradeMaster 140Kg Fibreglass Extension Ladders          PELCO GRE 140Kg Fibreglass Extension Ladders         Werner D6300-2AZ Series 150Kg Fibreglass Extension Ladders          Branach FED PowerMaster *160Kg Fibreglass Extension Ladders             PELCO ELP 140Kg Lamilite Timber Extension Ladders

   Bailey FSXN-V    Indalex TRDXF    Branach FER     PELCO GRE  Werner D6300     Branach FED        PELCO ELP

     *130Kg F/G           *135Kg F/G          140Kg F/G        140Kg F/G        150Kg F/G          *160Kg F/G        140Kg Timber


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WAKU Configurations

   If you are looking for an Ultra-Versatile Step Ladder
   (Aluminium) that can change sizes, be used on stairs
   or slopes, flipped open to act as an Extension Ladder
   or even be split into two trestles (All in the one Ladder)
   check out the range of WAKU Telescopic Ladders.