Dual Purpose Ladders

Dual Purpose Ladders do the job of two Ladders.


They work as a standard Step Ladder but can then be "Flipped" open to work as a Single / Straight Ladder.


This can be very handy as you can do your inside work as a Step Ladder and then with the same Ladder work on
the outside either as a Step Ladder or "Flipped" open to work as a Single / Straight Ladder to access higher areas.


A more versatile Ladder is the Step Extension Ladder which can have the rear section slide up one rung at a time for a varied length which can be critical if being used in a confined area such as accessing a man hole through a ceiling.


Dual Purpose Ladders are manufactured in both Aluminium and Non-Conductive Fibreglass.


The Ladder Shop sells several Brands and Models with various Load Ratings And Features.


 Indalex TRDDP *135Kg Aluminium Dual Purpose Ladders  Bailey 150Kg Dual Purpose with Rubber V Rung  150Kg Aluminium Dual Purpose Bailey Ladders in Melbourne  Indalex PRODP 150Kg Aluminium Dual Purpose Ladders  Werner DP400AZ Series 150Kg Aluminium Dual Purpose Ladders

    Indalex TRDDP         Bailey DP with V Rung           Bailey PRO DP               Indalex PRODP        Werner DP400

  *135Kg Aluminium           150Kg Aluminium                150Kg Aluminium             150Kg Aluminium      150Kg Aluminium


   Indalex TRDDPF 135Kg Fibreglass Dual Purpose Ladders                  Bailey 150Kg FDP Fibreglass Dual Purpose Ladders with V Rung             Indalex PRODPF 150Kg Fibreglass Dual Purpose Ladders               LADaMAX FG DP 150Kg Fibreglass Dual Purpose Ladders

       Indalex TRDDPF                      Bailey FDP with V Rung                 Indalex PRODPF                  LADaMAX FG DP

       135Kg Fibreglass                            150Kg Fibreglass                     *150Kg Fibreglass                  150Kg Fibreglass


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WAKU Configurations

   If you are looking for an Ultra-Versatile Step Ladder
   (Aluminium) that can change sizes, be used on stairs
   or slopes, flipped open to act as an Extension Ladder
   or even be split into two trestles (All in the one Ladder)
   check out the range of WAKU Telescopic Ladders.