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Branach FPW

Fibreglass Platform Step

(WIDE 550mm Wide Platform)

150Kg Load Rating

Branach FPW 1.8 150Kg Fibreglass Platform Step (with Optional Spring Loaded Castors)

Please Note: Picture above shows Optional Spring Loaded Castors

Branach FPW: Sizes & Codes
Steps Platform Height Weight Prod # LS Code
2 0.583m 13.2 Kg FPW 0.6 NPSHHFW02
3 0.875m 15.1 Kg FPW 0.9 NPSHHFW03
4 1.166m 17.2 Kg FPW 1.2 NPSHHFW04
5 1.458m 19.3 Kg FPW 1.5 NPSHHFW05
6 1.750m 21.3 Kg FPW 1.8 NPSHHFW06
7 2.037m 23.4 Kg FPW 2.1 NPSHHFW07
8 2.329m 25.5 Kg FPW 2.4 NPSHHFW08
10 2.912m 29.5 Kg FPW 3.0 NPSHHFW10
12 3.495m 33.6 Kg FPW 3.6 NPSHHFW12

Note: "Steps" includes the Platform



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Branach FPW: Options
Option Sizes Prod # LS Code
Spring Loaded Castors - Set of 4 2' - 6' CA CA
Lever Actuated Castors - Set of 4 (Wide) 7' - 12' CW CW
Levelok Factory Fitted Levellers ALL LP LP
Rear Safety Rail (Wide) ALL RW RW
Split Front Rail ALL FS FS
Kickboard ALL KB KB
Tool Tray ALL TR TR
Foot Plate - Set of 4 ALL PF PF

Branach FPW Spring Loaded Castors Branach FPW Lever Actuated Castors Branach FPW Rear Safety Rail Branach FPW Round Foot Plate Branach FPW Square Foot Plate


For Pricing and Availability please call and quote the LS Code.