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Orchard Ladders - Flat Top

Aluminium Tripod Design with Foot Spikes

150Kg Load Rating

Allweld TR21F 150Kg Aluminium Flat Top Orchard Ladder

Allweld Orchard Ladders - Flat Top: Sizes & Codes
Type * Height Weight Prod # LS Code
5 Step 1.36m 4 Kg TR15F NOLHA05F
6 Step 1.63m 5 Kg TR18F NOLHA06F
7 Step 1.90m 6 Kg TR21F NOLHA07F
8 Step 2.18m 7 Kg TR24F NOLHA08F
9 Step 2.45m 8 Kg TR27F NOLHA09F
10 Step 2.72m 9 Kg TR30F NOLHA10F
11 Step 2.99m 10 Kg TR33F NOLHA11F
12 Step 3.26m 11 Kg TR36F NOLHA12F
13 Step 3.54m 12 Kg TR39F NOLHA13F
14 Step 3.81m 13 Kg TR42F NOLHA14F

* Height is to the Top Step on the Flat Top Series



For Pricing and Availability please call and quote the LS Code.